What is e-Commerce: How to Start an Online Business?

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What is eCommerce? The term means electronic commerce or having an online business. It refers to transactions you make through the internet for commercial purposes. According to history, the first-ever eCommerce transaction was done on August 11, 1994, through an American retail platform, NetMarket. It was owned by a man who sold a Sting band CD to his friend via his website.
Through the years, the business model has evolved, and more business owners and consumers have learned how to utilize the World Wide Web to sell and buy at one’s convenience. The sky is the limit when it comes to the products and services you can buy and sell online.
Ecommerce is not limited to products people usually buy from physical stores, such as food, appliances, toys, etc. It can also be products that consumers can download after the purchase, such as music, books, travel, and services, such as freelance writing, consulting marketing, or accounting.
There was a time when many people were hesitant to make any transactions online. They perceived that an online store equates to scam and illegal schemes. While the risks of encountering frauds online still exist, most of those using the platform have learned how to be wise regarding their dealings.

So, What is e-Commerce anyway: The Boom of the Online Platforms

The pandemic that crippled the world in recent times paved the way for businesses to access quick information about eCommerce. They have tapped into the platform to continue selling their goods or offering their services when people have limited mobility.
The setup benefits both parties – business owners and consumers. The latter found eCommerce convenient, safe, and easy to use. They can get almost everything that they need without leaving their homes.

Setting Up an Online Store

If you own a business, whether you are offering products or services, this is a good time to optimize your sales by maximizing the online platform’s benefits. Here are some of the things you need to do to get started with your online business:

Put up a website for your business.

While you can sell on the more popular online platforms that cater to the kind of products or services you are offering, it will still be tremendously helpful to have your website. This will allow you to have full control of what products to display, and the earnings are yours alone.
Once the site is live, you have to work hard to let your target market know the site exists by investing in boosting the site’s search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising on specific popular sites.

Offer your products or services to other known retailer marketplaces online.

This will increase your chances of selling despite being new in the field, and while you are still setting up your website. You have to take this chance to learn about the trade – how to get the attention of your clients, their interests, how to give them a good service.
Make sure that you take this time in establishing your reputation. This way, your clients will seek you out even after you have decided to sell or offer your services on your website solely.
Learning about what e-Commerce is is only the first step towards online retailing success. It entails patience, lots of hard work, and being consistent in giving good service.

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