5 Things to do Today to help Your eCommerce Business Gain the Most Out of Social Media

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Unlike the physical kind of businesses, your eCommerce business cannot just sit pretty and wait for foot traffic to make sales. Your website requires optimization for that. Today, anyone, including babies and pets, is capable of capturing a big following on social media. It’s safe, therefore, to say your eCommerce business is capable of a whole lot more when it comes to optimizing social media to increase its visibility through either organic or paid strategies.

Compared to the more obvious marketing channels like PPC (Pay Per Click) and email marketing. You are likely to feel like social media is a time sink requiring too much of your time and energy. On a more personal level, we have all come across all kinds of adverse effects of social media, including insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

So, is social media worth the trouble when it comes to your eCommerce business?

Yes, it is.

Social media will help you connect with both existing and prospective customers, create engagements, and build relationships. Ultimately creating a positive brand reputation for your eCommerce business.

Your prospective clients on social media are likely to discover your brand either through their networks or the influencers they follow.

Your active social media presence may not give you that viral moment every business hopes for, but it will do the magic on your brand both in the long and short term. With consumers now spending an average of two hours and fifteen minutes of their time interacting on social platforms, it would be unwise to ignore social media. Whether your ultimate goal is to build your brand awareness, drive traffic to your e-commerce site, or make sales. Social media is your gateway there.

Social media will offer your e-commerce business a variety of platforms on which to build your brand identity. It’s important to note that if your social media brand campaign is not well executed, you risk destroying your brand reputation in a snap of a finger. Yes, it’s that easy. You, therefore, need an excellent social media strategy to do it right.

How your eCommerce business will benefit from a social media presence

  • Social media is transparent by nature. That means you can know what is going on in your neighbor’s camp without feeling intrusive or nosy. It has become easy to access competitor information, hence a better competitor analysis. With this information, it is easy to develop the next best action to beef up your business with minimal margins for error. Gold mine, right?
  • Social media has helped businesses to move away from traditional calls and emails. to reach customers by offering them more convenient means of quickly responding to customer queries and concerns. Hence your customers will benefit from a superior customer experience.
  • Simply put, social media adds value to your marketing efforts by making it easy for your team to find posts left by your customers to use in their marketing campaigns. Sharing customer photos alongside their success stories lead to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Things you need to do to gain the most out of social media

1. Set Yourself Apart

Social media has no entry barriers, and your competitors are out there seeking the same attention you are after.

So, what will help you rise above all that noise?

For the best social media results on your eCommerce business. First, decide what you want your customers to identify your brand or business with. Then build your brand around it.

Aim at improving customer experience and building a compelling brand story that people will easily relate to your business.

2. Create and Post Captivating Content Constantly

Captivating content that promotes your brand will help to increase the number of your followers. Followers are easy to convert into buyers because they are already interested in something about your brand.

These followers eventually become your brand ambassadors sharing their good experiences on social media and recommending your brand as much as possible.

More followers will help sell your brand, gain more audience, and stay ahead of your competition.

3. Instant Communication

Remember how it was before social media? Long emails and inconvenient phone calls were the only ways customers could reach a company.

Thanks to social media, businesses can chat with their customers as quickly as you would with a friend over coffee.

Whether it’s about inquiries or complaints, give your customers the confidence they need knowing they can easily reach you and get a response over social media painlessly.

4. Streaming Videos

Most social media platforms allow you to contact your audience directly through live videos. This channel is easy to use because not much preparation is needed. It also allows you to meet a bigger audience at-a-go and interact one on one.

5. Social Media Stories

Facebook and Instagram platforms allow you to share a particular “theme of the day” in your stories, which your followers can access easily for 24hours. That serves as a lead magnet where, if people like what you have highlighted in your Stories, they will end up liking your page and becoming your followers.

Social media is continuously coming up with features that can help your e-commerce business gain in different ways and, most importantly, increase your sales. Please make an effort to keep updated with the current trends and use them to your brand’s advantage.

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