How to Offer Remarkable Customer Experience (CX) to Grow Your Brand Awareness

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Would you like to increase eCommerce customer loyalty and as well as your profits? The solution lies in giving your customers a Remarkable Customer Experience (CX). That is because a happy customer is likely to convert into a loyal customer.

The beauty of investing in CX is that one happy client will advocate for and promote your brand through word of mouth, earning your business more customers.

But what is customer experience or CX?

It is the impression your brand has on your customers throughout every aspect of the buying process. Your customers will look at CX from two perspectives; the people and the product. Here every detail matter because customers are sensitive, and one small issue can water down all your efforts.

With easy access to the internet today, your customers have options at the tip of their fingers. Your competition is also always ready to receive the customers that you lose. Make sure you are not handing them over to your competitors due to poor customer experience.

Things you need to do to enhance your eCommerce customer experience

Here are some things you can do today to dramatically improve your eCommerce customer experience and grow your brand awareness.

Ease Your Website Navigation

As shoppers, we tend to be lazy. We are always looking for something easy to work with, and we like to stay away from complicated things. Therefore, it is critical to place your products strategically on your website. Additionally, you could go further to incorporate autocomplete. Your eCommerce site should also allow shoppers to customize their search by including features such as filters for those who want specific products.

Make Use of Live Chats

Nothing makes a shopping experience more satisfying for your customers than being able to get instant feedback for their queries and concerns. Then again, that is the whole point of e-commerce — convenience. And that is also what customer experience is all about.

Live chats allow you to fulfill two of your customer desires at-a-go, the need for instant feedback and the confidence to know they are not speaking to a machine or robot but another human being.

Extend Customer Service and Support to Social Platforms

On most occasions, people will reach out to you on social media for customer service and support about 74% of your followers. Your customer service staff should work closely with your social team to resolve them promptly.

Eliminate any challenges at the Checkout Point

Customer experience is all about taking away the pain and hustle from processes so that customers will keep choosing to do business with you in the future. For instance, at the checkout point, keep shopping carts visible as customers shop around. Also, ensure prices, fees, and any applicable offers are captured in the shopping carts, and never make customers fill in the same information more than once

Solicit customer feedback

Through customer feedback, you will be able to find out whether your new e-commerce site is working optimally. This kind of feedback should be sought early on in the design stage and post-launch. That will ensure you are offering the best customer experience once the website is up and ready.

Use Quality Content to Educate Your Customers

Blogs are a great thing to do if you have what it takes. But if you can’t find the time needed, try educating your customers using high-quality content.

Many people out here are thirsty for information, and if provided, it will motivate them to buy your products as you educate them. They will appreciate it as long as it has value. But don’t confuse this with content marketing.

Add images to make it more interesting, be concise and informative in your delivery.

Tweak and Personalize Your Sales emails

After a customer has completed a purchase, follow up emails. Don’t allow yourself to slip back to that traditional, formal tone that has been used for many years by many businesses. Your emails should be different, interesting, and engaging.

Go ahead and personalize your communication to make it sound like speaking to an old buddy. Your customers will show you gratitude for this by returning and referring your business to their friends.

Keep Communications Transparent with Your Customers

Your customers will appreciate your openness when they need information from you, be it about their billing or order history. This kind of transparency gives your customers the confidence they require to keep them loyal to your brand.

The online environment will keep changing, and you must maintain flexibility to adapt to changes as they come. Stay consistent as well as analyze your current strategies. That way, you will motivate your customers to come back, increase customer loyalty, and eventually increase your sales.

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