Payment Methods That Work Best for Both You and Your eCommerce Clients

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You started your eCommerce business for many reasons but primarily to make money, right?

Your payment gateway should therefore be a priority for you and your business.

Unlike a walk-in shop, there is no direct exchange of cash between you and your clients in the eCommerce space. While there are many online payment options in the market today, how do you choose one over the other for your e-commerce shop?

It would help if you considered your business deals with different clients who have different personalities, circumstances, and preferences. Your priority should be to give your customers an unforgettable experience to avoid losing them to the competition. Your eCommerce platform, therefore, requires more than one payment option. That is because, although the price of your product is significant to your customers, it is the payment options that lead the purchasing decision.

Having multiple payment options on your eCommerce platform may come with more financial obligations. Still, you will soon realize its worth when your conversion rates shoot up.

Best online Payment Methods for Your Business and Customers

If you are ready to take your e-commerce website to the next level with a fast and secure checkout process, then here is a list of some of the best payment methods you can choose from:


With over 325 million active users, PayPal has become the most popular online payment solution globally since its establishment in the year 1998.

PayPal is both a merchant account as well as a payment gateway. Its costs, checkout features, and payment security makes PayPal one of the best payment options for your eCommerce business as well as your clients.

Benefits to your business:

  • Flexibility to move on to a different provider in case you are not happy with their service.
  • No setup or cancellation fee
  • The fee structure does not change depending on the type of credit card the buyer is using.
  • No need to worry about PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance since merchants don’t retain customer data

Benefits to your clients:

  • Easy and quick checkout with PayPal One Touch
  • Reduced chances of fraud or breach since customer data do not get sent to merchants
  • Customers have the option of paying using a card or directly with PayPal.
  • In case of a payment dispute, the platform has a transparent system to resolve such issues.


Alongside PayPal, Stripe is another major player in online payments. Stripe is not just a payment method but a solution that seeks to substitute the traditional POS. It works backend to facilitate collections and payments in online stores.

Benefits to your business:

  • No setup cost or monthly fees
  • Allows for trial periods in case of payment delays
  • Allows you to offer customers discounts and coupon codes
  • Enables you to set up subscription payments

Benefits to your clients:

  • Allows onsite payment where customers are not redirected to a different site during the payment
  • Seamless checkout experience
  • Secure interactions with its servers to ensure the safety of the customer data
  • Supports multi-currency transactions

With over 50,000 merchants globally, this platform has proved to be valuable to its users.

This payment option is available in every country on earth. That is especially perfect for third-world countries that may have issues landing a viable payment method.

Benefits to your business:

  • Easy to implement since merchants can seamlessly connect their website or applications to the platform
  • Advanced fraud protection; 2Checkout is PCI level 1 certified.
  • It is available globally.
  • Localized payment options help to increase conversions.

Benefits to your clients:

  • Mobile-friendly as it provides a mobile-optimized checkout
  • Secured transactions; PCI guarantees customer data protection.
  • Supports multiple payment methods
  • Customized checkout

Set up in the year 1996, is currently delivering its services to over 400,000 merchants today. Leading e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce and Shopify offer their users the option to integrate

The platform has a setup cost of $49 and monthly fees of $29. offers you and your customer’s security, reliability, and flexibility in online payment, and that is worth your consideration when deciding on a suitable option for your eCommerce business.

Benefits to your business:

  • The platform is popular and easy to integrate, requiring minimal testing.
  • It comes with a top-notch anti-fraud system.
  • Offers your customers a flawless experience hence helps to increase your conversions
  • Customer data is held at the platform’s server instead of the merchant’s, making access to PCI compliance easy.

Benefits to your customers:

  • Offers secure transactions
  • Allows for onsite payments
  • Offers flawless customer experience

Google Pay

Google pay serves as a digital wallet for your clients and an online payment system as far as your e-commerce business is concerned. It can be set up either in-store, on your e-commerce website, or in your applications.

Benefits to your business:

  • Your business gets to benefit from the many users already using Google Pay.
  • Flawless customer experience hence higher conversion rate

Benefits to your customers:

  • Ease of use since there is no need to fill in their credit card information
  • Your customers who do not have access to credit cards can transact since the platform use android devices.

Other payment options that are equally good for your e-commerce business include:

  • Square
  • Apple Pay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Google Checkout
  • Braintree
  • WePay

Whichever method you decide to pick, the important thing is to ensure that it gives value to your customers.

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