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Amazon late shipment

What You Should do When Your Amazon Order Does Not Arrive

It’s been days or weeks since the day you were expecting to receive your package from Amazon. Of course, you are worried and most probably frustrated, and that is understandable. Thankfully there is something you can do to try and trace your package — or at least recover your money. Amazon, thanks to its many

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10 Proven Ways e-Commerce Can Make You Money

Unless you enjoy it, you no longer have to walk to a store to buy groceries or anything for that matter, thanks to the internet and eCommerce. That applies to your potential customers too. What makes e-Commerce so attractive is the fact that there are no restrictions on time or location. It also does not

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What is e-Commerce: How to Start an Online Business?

What is eCommerce? The term means electronic commerce or having an online business. It refers to transactions you make through the internet for commercial purposes. According to history, the first-ever eCommerce transaction was done on August 11, 1994, through an American retail platform, NetMarket. It was owned by a man who sold a Sting band

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How to start an e-Commerce business

The biggest question we get from our readers is: How to Break into the eCommerce Industry? If you are planning on starting a new business or maybe diversifying or expanding your current one, you may be wondering if an e-commerce model would be a better choice for you. e-Commerce business is one that involves the

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The Ultimate Guide to Your e-Commerce Customer Service

If you are running an e-commerce business and not having to deal with customers face-to-face, why bother with customer service? E-Commerce customer service is so valuable that 42% of your consumers are willing to pay for it, and it can determine whether 73% of them will buy your products or not. Customer service for e-commerce, just like

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