The basics of Wix eCommerce

Wix eCommerce

If you want to sell products on your hosted Wix website, you will need to purchase an eCommerce business plan hosted by Wix, priced between $15.50 and $40 per month. The basic Shopify and Wix Business Unlimited plans for most small and medium-sized businesses offer enough features at similar price levels, including unlimited products, inventory management, payment portals, marketing, and sales analysis. In addition, the popular online payment platform PayPal can process credit card payments to your WIX store even if the customer does not have a PayPal account.

Wix’s eCommerce plan is full of value and more affordable than Shopify, as you can sell an unlimited number of physical and digital products at the plan price ($23 / month). ECommerce offers business owners the same ease of use and seamless functionality they expect from Wix, with the added benefit of owning an online store and growing it. So Wix your online store and take advantage of the many eCommerce features that help you sell online.

Retailers and Wix eCommerce

Wix enables retailers, brands, and merchants to build and scale their business by optimizing customers’ shopping and payment experience with business finance and management tools as an advanced eCommerce solution. On the other hand, Shopify is an eCommerce platform with a website builder, and the Wix website builder can be turned into an eCommerce store.

In combination with the Website Builder, its multifunctional eCommerce platform called Wix Store gives you the freedom to use many third-party plugins and apps to manage your inventory, customize your ordering process and streamline shipping. In short, it provides all the features most small eCommerce retailers need to run a successful business. In addition, Wix Website Builder is one of the most user-friendly online store builders with access to tons of templates (over 500) to design a website and shop in the market without too much guidance or phone support.

With Wix App Market, you’ll find tools to customize your storefront, add live chats and coupons, connect with customers, and integrate with other eCommerce platforms like ECwid. In addition, there are dozens of ready-made eCommerce templates that you can add to an online store, and Wix templates give users many options. Once you have created your website with it and its business plan, you can also add the WIX Store app to the IT editor to access many useful eCommerce features.

This seems to be the best solution for users and business owners who want to have complete control over their online stores’ appearance without the need to hire a web designer or web admin.

Website builder

Wix is an SME-friendly website hosting and building platform with tons of features for creating streamlined online stores. It is an industry-leading website developer known for its intuitive drag and drops editor. It has a wealth of tools and capabilities that every online store needs. Wix can make stunning masterpieces to sell your products, as you can see from the beautiful websites.

Wix eCommerce
Wix buildings at Tel Aviv Port district. Wix is an Israeli company specializing in cloud-based web development platform.

With both Wix and Shopify, you get a dashboard in which you can manage most of the back-end functions of your business, including generating discounts, adding products, managing orders, contacting customers, displaying analytics, downloading integrations, etc. Wix also releases an excellent mobile app, so you can easily manage your entire online store and add products as you would normally do. Creating an online store with Wix Ecommerce is very different from creating a standard business site without it.

The good news is that the Wix premium plan comes with several extra features that will help you right into your online store and enjoy them as you can see. You can see all the current Wix Store features on their website, but if that’s not enough for you, don’t worry. You’ll find a huge amount of additional resources in the Wix app market. Unlike other systems that pay voucher creators or extensions to adapt them to a single item category or an entire customer order, the WIX eCommerce plan standard features are designed to open and streamline multiple functions of your sales and marketing strategy.

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