What You Should do When Your Amazon Order Does Not Arrive

Amazon late shipment

It’s been days or weeks since the day you were expecting to receive your package from Amazon. Of course, you are worried and most probably frustrated, and that is understandable. Thankfully there is something you can do to try and trace your package — or at least recover your money.

Amazon, thanks to its many years of experience, has a reputation for making customer deliveries on time. With a miss rate of  9.4%, such an issue may occasionally arise, and Amazon has ready resources to help you out.

How to Track the Status of Your Order Shipment

Throughout the shipment process, Amazon has a system that makes it possible for you to check your order’s progress under Returns & Orders on your account. Here you will find all the orders you have ever placed on the platform arranged chronologically by tapping on the link marked Orders.

The order link should provide you with more details on the shipment. Here, you can tell whether the delivery has already happened or not, the day on which it happened, as well as the place where it happened.

Status on your account can read “Delivered,” yet you have not received your package. If that’s the case, tap on Track Package for more details. You will find the address where the delivery took place, the tracking ID, as well as the name of the shipping company that handled it. 

Tap on See all updates just below the delivered address to access the shipment timeline. In case the delivery failed, that will appear here as a failed delivery attempt alongside the reason for the failure.

The tracking ID is useful if you need to follow up with the shipping company on its website. In case there were challenges encountered during shipment, you will find out from the shipping company website.

Possible Reasons for Shipment Delays

1. Delivery is Not Fulfilled by Amazon but by a Seller (3rd Party)

Sellers, who are considered 3rd party, process orders of items in their possession. If this happens then, there is a chance the order may take longer than anticipated. For those types of orders, Amazon cannot be able to guarantee delivery time.

The estimated delivery date is usually indicated right below the price. If the delivery takes longer than shown, you can inquire from the seller about the shipment’s progress by tapping on Contact Seller on the order detail page.

To avoid unnecessary delays, always pick items marked “Fulfilled by Amazon” just below the Add to Cart section.

2. Amazon May be Experiencing a Delivery Crisis

When Amazon is facing a delivery crisis, there is pressure to prioritize certain items for delivery. During such times, your delivery status could remain “Pending” longer than anticipated.

Amazon has recently experienced this kind of a situation during the Covid 19 pandemic when shipment of medical supplies has had to be a priority.

3. Natural Calamities May cause Delays

The occurrence of unpredictable events such as hurricanes and tornadoes may curtail delivery efforts, resulting in delays.

For those kinds of deliveries, Amazon usually recommends an additional 2 to 3 days on the estimated delivery date.

Reasons Why Your Order May be Marked Delivered, even if You Have not Received it.

If your order status is reading “delivered” but you are yet to receive your package, there is a high chance it was returned to Amazon. Amazon will classify your delivery as “failed” and have your refund processed upon receiving your claim.

The following reasons may have contributed to your failed order:

  • Missing information on the address where the delivery was to take place.
  • The package could not fit into your delivery post office box.
  • Old address filled in instead of the new one
  • Inaccessible delivery location
  • Rejection by client
  • Several unsuccessful deliveries
  • Transportation problems
  • Prison deliveries will fail due to applicable restrictions.

Actions that you can take when your order is not delivered:

In case your order was not fulfilled by Amazon, tap on the Sold By button to contact the seller. You will find this button just after the item’s title on your order status. Here, you can enquire about the status of your shipment under Ask a Question. You can also get additional information by tapping on either Returns & Refunds, Shipping, Policies, or Help.

Canceling an order is also an option available to you if your order status does not read “delivered” yet. That can help you avoid all the hustle in the follow-up process and instead get a refund.

For an item that is still awaiting shipping, and the status does not read “delivered,” you can change the shipping speed to have the delivery done sooner.

Amazon is a reliable online platform that you can rely on when it comes to online shopping. Amazon always delivers its orders on time. But on the off chance that does not happen, you are assured you will not be losing your money. That is because Amazon has a refund policy in place to protect you as their customer. The only exception to the refund policy is if the delivery failed due to a natural calamity that was out of Amazon’s control.

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