What are my delivery options on Amazon and do they deliver on Sunday

What is Amazon Delivery Schedule and do they deliver on Sunday

Your Delivery Options on Amazon

You may have made an order on Amazon or probably thinking about it but wondering what your delivery options are.

Well, read on to find out.

Amazon will estimate your delivery date for a specific order based on three factors:

  1. Shipping date
  2. Transit time
  3. Shipping speed

Depending on the shipping speed you opt for, Amazon will estimate your delivery date by adding the transit time to the shipping date.

Whats are your Delivery Options on Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has come up with various delivery options to suit their customers’ varying needs. It’s important to note that you will get free shipping for qualifying orders with any of Amazon’s delivery options if you spend $25 or more.

Scheduled Delivery

Which day are you available to receive your order? What time?

Specify these when placing your order on Amazon. 

This option, however, will only apply to eligible items.

But just because an item is eligible does not mean your order automatically fits this delivery option. Your location matters too. To know if you can access this option in your region, it should show its availability once you fill in your pin code.

Amazon Day Delivery

Do you prefer to make your orders piecemeal but receive them at one-go on a specific day in the week? This delivery option will work great for you.

You can dedicate one day in a week to receive all your Amazon packages and avoid them sitting on your pouch and becoming an easy target for thieves and stray dogs. That day will become your Amazon Day. 

Amazon Day can be any day you want but not a Sunday. Make all your orders before the last two days to your Amazon Day.

Another great thing about this delivery option is that you are not stuck with a specific Amazon Day for a lifetime. As your schedule changes, your Amazon Day can change too.

Amazon Prime Two-Day Delivery

Can you afford $119 annually for Prime membership? Why not join the 95M people enjoying this delivery option?

As an Amazon Prime member, this delivery option is available to you but only for eligible orders. 


Yes, because your orders from third-party sellers will not fit into this category. That should not worry you because Amazon has a long list of items that qualify for this option.

Prime One-Day Delivery

This option is free for Prime members but also limited to qualifying items. If you want to receive your order by 9 p.m. the next day, this option is for you.

But is your region eligible for this option?

While making your order, your region should show up as one of the options. If it does not show up, then you will have to consider a different delivery option.

Prime Same-Day Delivery

A quick order?

If you are an Amazon Prime member, then you are in luck. That’s because, through this option, you can get selected items on Amazon by 9 p.m. the same day you make your order.

But there is a catch; you must be ready to spend not less than $35 on items eligible for this category. You must also place your order by noon on the same day. In case there is a countdown timer, go by that and order before it ends.

Same-Day Delivery is free for Prime members, but in certain circumstances, you might need to part with a few coins:

  • If your total order under Same-Day Delivery does not meet the $35 threshold, this option will cost you $5.99.
  • If you are not a Prime member, you will have to pay $12.99 for each order you need to be delivered under this option. 

Sunday Delivery on Amazon

If your schedule is very tight and you are only available to receive your packages on Sunday, will Amazon delivery schedule suit you?

Yes, but with limited options.

  • As a Prime member, the Prime Now option will have your order delivered for free within two hours. Service is available 7 days a week. That means you can receive your package on a Sunday. This option, however, is limited in terms of location and eligible items.
  • If you do not have Prime, it is still possible to receive your package on a Sunday. That, however, comes at a cost.
  • If you are one of those people whose schedule does not allow you to be home at any one time to receive your orders, consider using Amazon Lockers. Amazon lockers will allow you to pick your package at the store within three days, including Sundays.

Amazon has diverse delivery options. You will hardly not find one that will work for you. If you are planning to make an order, find out all the delivery options available for your specific location and check on the item’s eligibility. Make your order, sit back, and wait for Amazon to deliver you satisfaction.

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