7 Features of BigCommerce That Will Fuel Your Online Business Through the New eCommerce Era

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The year 2020 has witnessed increased demand for eCommerce services, thanks to the Covid pandemic. This demand has brought about a massive shift in everything eCommerce, forcing everyone to start acting from a level of digital maturity.

Businesses are now struggling to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectations. To manage this, as a business, you need to consider if and how you are offering:

  1. Personalization
  2. A seamless purchase journey
  3. Payment methods

Change is certain. You should always plan and be ready for it.

BigCommerce can help.

BigCommerce is a platform that will offer you the convenience and ease of cloud-based SaaS and combine it with the flexibility of the open-source solution. That will allow you to choose the technologies that work best for you and your business.

Since BigCommerce is an open Saas platform, it can help optimize your business. It will also give you control over the growth of your business.

BigCommerce will offer you the security and scalability you need so that you can focus on improving your customer experience.

BigCommerce Features to Help You Build, Innovate, and Grow Your Business Today

When thinking of BigeCommerce a website has to include a mobile strategy

Increase conversions and customer loyalty

The average conversion rate for eCommerce globally stands at 2.86%

BigCommerce comes with features that offer customers a seamless experience which is responsible for converting them into buyers.

Seamless experiences will encourage checkouts, eliminate bumps on your website and keep your customers coming back for more.

BigCommerce has a streamlined checkout process that encourages conversions. It has also invested in conversion-boosting features such as:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Account creation for faster checkouts
  • Guest checkout
  • A dedicated SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) so that customers will stay on your site during checkout.

Secure payments and limited possibility of abandoned cart

In 2017, BigCommerce and Visa partnered to secure payments and increase convenience during check out.

68% of shoppers abandon their carts before purchase, and 27% of online shoppers feel the checkout process is too long and complicated. 

Partnering with visa would:

  • Reduce the number of fields to be filled in during checkout
  • Eliminate login frictions by use of biometric authentication and stay signed in capabilities
  • Reduce fraud 
  • Ensure compatibility across devices and browsers for a fast and convenient checkout experience

BigCommerce: Integrated business channels

Omnichannel is the future of eCommerce. You must meet your customers where they are and interact with them via their device and platform of choice. BigCommerce will give you access to other platforms like Facebook, Amazon,eBay, POS, and ERP. Real-time data sharing eliminates any chance of system lockup due to overload.

Apart from supporting omnichannel, BigCommerce will also help you to:

  • Access other online sellers who could be your customers through ERP integrations
  • Use Microsoft Dynamics to automate your business processes via a single information source to help you make forecasts and plans.
  • Transfer multimedia files from SAP to BigCommerce using BigCommerce SAP integration
  • BigCommerce Sage integration will allow you to create orders and invoices.

Superior SEO features for Optimized navigation

Adopting BigCommerce for your online business means you will get access to certain SEO features including:

  • Optimized URLs – SEO-friendly URLs will be auto-populated and you’ll have the option to alter the URL settings
  • Unique URLs for each page – To eliminate any chance of content duplication, BigCommerce guarantees unique URLs for each page
  • Microdata – BigCommerce will enhance your search results by having microdata (snippets) built into your product pages. These snippets can be ratings, stock levels, prices, and brands.
  • URL redirects and rewrites – You may need to rename your product for whatever reason. BigCommerce will adjust the autogenerated URL to show the new name, and the old URL will redirect to the new one. That will communicate to the search engine that there have been some changes made or pages moved within your online store
  • CDN – You know how important speed is to SEO. Right? BigCommerce has a unique CDN (Content Delivery Network) that works hard in the background to ensure your website loads fast enough for your customers as well as for search engines

Product filtering and drag and drop features

In the new eCommerce era, shoppers want to find what they want to buy fast, and BigCommerce knows how to do just that. BigCommerce will offer your customers product filters to search for products. The search will depend on sizes, colors, brands, or whatever aspect that is important to them.

Additionally, building your eCommerce site will not demand any coding skills because BigCommerce got you! You can create and edit your site pages in no time with a drag-and-drop tool courtesy of BigCommerce.

Ability to connect online and offline channels through Omnichannel

56% of shoppers today use both online and offline channels.

These shoppers want to engage with their favorite brand without being restricted by their choice of device or channel. Additionally, they want a personalized experience anywhere they choose to shop.

As technology has changed over time, so has our communication. Today, we communicate via different channels on Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Email, Messenger among others. In light of this, brands have to adjust how they interact with their customers.

Today, customers want brands to interact with them at a friendly level and sometimes with instant responses. Regardless of the device a customer is using, he wants to receive a standard experience, and that is why you need an omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel rather than multichannel will allow you to offer your customers a consistent and personalized experience. Omnichannel is a key part of your eCommerce strategy in the new era.

As an eCommerce retailer, the new era of eCommerce requires you to be on several channels and, more importantly, ensure that your content is actionable on every one of those channels.

Ability to integrate your business seamlessly with BigCommerce

BigCommerce will come with pre-built integrations and tools for your everyday use. However, you can scale your business when you connect to marketing automation solutions, shipping solutions, and ERP by clicking a single button.

In a Nutshell

The new era of eCommerce calls for flexibility to meet the ever-changing customer demands, as well as market dynamics. 

Online businesses have to be ready for change or risk overtaking by the competition.

BigCommerce with the flexibility of Open SaaS that helps you 

If you want to keep up with customer demands while remaining reliable and scalable, it’s time to join the over 60,000 merchants using BigCommerce to power their business.

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